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Commercial: Working with McDonalds

Techkote - helping to maintain high standards

McDonalds demand the very best in hygiene and cleanliness, both inside and outside the restaurant.

Techkote work with branches of McDonalds, helping to ensure
the property looks like new. The Techkote team
have an excellent track record of
working with the company,
helping to maintain the high
standard of the company


McDonalds specification

  • Roof cleaned and then two coat protective system applied.
  • Coating specially formulated for McDonalds roofing.
  • Suitable for all surfaces including metal.
  • Three core McDonalds colours; slate grey, olive green, terracotta but almost any other available.
  • Application process designed to minimise disruption to trade.
  • Tiles fully protected for prolonged life.
  • Huge aesthetic improvement, highly visible, eye catching to the public.
  • Old and new tiles become completely uniform in colour
  • Can be done as part of a full re-imaging project or stand alone.
  • Price bands based simply on roof size.
  • Available throughout the UK.
Techkote Ltd, servicing McDonalds restaurant, cleaning and protecting McDonald restaurant roofs, keeping up the high standards of McDonalds

Excellent working relationship

Techkote have built up an excellent working relationship with McDonalds and continue to service stores throughout the UK.

Almost five years ago we first visited McDonalds northern Head Office in Salford to discuss the possibility of applying coloured roof coatings to re-imaged stores to elevate the "patchiness" caused by the mix of new and old tiles. New tiles are typically used to replace the old ones when new signs are erected.

Since then we have carried out multiple projects, on different types of roof surface, throughout the UK.

Techkote Ltd is one of the UK's foremost roof restoration specialists, cleaning and restoring roofs of all commercial properties
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